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Foundry Engineer

Male or female, age below 45, monthly salary 6K-12K;

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above. Material forming, machinery manufacturing and other related majors;

2. 2 years experience in casting process design or on-site production, excellent fresh graduates are also allowed;

3. Proficient in 2D and 3D design software;

4. Strong communication and coordination ability, team spirit;

Operating duty:

1. Responsible for the design scheme of casting process experiment;

2. Be responsible for the management of process trial production records;

3. Assist in 3D design of casting process;

4. Participate in the discussion of process plan and analysis of test results;

5. Technical support for relevant casting process in mass production stage;

6. Continuously improve process, improve product quality and reduce production cost.

Machining Operator

Male, age below 45, with a monthly salary of 4K-8K;

Mechanical major, familiar with CNC and CNC operation related work experience, familiar with processing drawings. Experience in processing pumps and valves is preferred.

Machining Process Engineer

Male or female, age below 40, monthly salary 4K-8K;

Technical secondary school, with more than 2 years of machining experience. Knowledge of CAD, UG, SolidWorks and other drawing software, experience in pump and valve products is preferred.

4Quality engineerMale or female, age below 45, monthly salary 4K-8K;

College degree or above, familiar with office software and quality related management system, working experience is preferred.


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